Takin' care of business(es). Every day.

Employment Law

Successfully navigating the relationship between employer and employee has never been more difficult.  Our attorneys work to find practical solutions that allow you to effectively manage your business in a manner compliant with the ever-increasing list of state and federal employment laws.  

When conflict is unavoidable, we will represent you at all levels of administrative and judicial proceedings.

Appeals and Writs

Even the most gifted trial lawyer can be at a disadvantage when litigation moves to the appellate court.  

We assist counsel in the trial courts, handle complex law and motion work, summary judgments and any other tasks where a busy trial attorney and the client might be best served by an extra set of experienced hands.

When issues rise to the appellate level, we handle writs and appeals on a wide range of topics.

General Business

After establishing positive working relationships with clients on their day-to-day employment law issues, it is not uncommon for our firm to assist clients with general business law questions.  

A regular part of our practice includes assisting clients with contracts, intellectual property issues, trademarks, and common business law questions.